Domino Print and Apply has grown a lot in recent years and we see a continued growth in the years ahead. We are continuously recruiting new colleagues to our business, so please stay tuned for a career opportunity that is suited for you.

Knowledge of Print & Apply is of utmost importance for us in order to be able to support our subs and distributors around the world. When recruiting new colleagues, we always make sure that they receive a comprehensive introduction and training.

Open positions

Open application 

At Domino Print and Apply, we are 80 coworkers, all seated in Malmö. We have a good mix of experience along with a strong commitment and a sense of pride to work at Domino Print and Apply. We are growing and have appointed several positions over the past years, and are always interested to get in contact with dedicated persons. 


Please contact our Human Resource department if you have any questions. 

Pär Persson
Human Resources Director

Phone: +46 (0)733 274203

Personal Data

It is important that you feel safe and have confidence in how we handle your personal data. Domino Print and Apply take responsibility for that gathered personal data is only used for assigned purposes and is protected from unauthorized access. All processing of personal data within Domino Print and Apply is in accordance with applicable laws (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).

For more information, please read our Personal Data Policy: Download .pdf
For more detailed information regarding GDPR, please visit the Data Inspection website: